Localization and translation services are provided in the following main areas: software, information technology, tourism, electronics, automotive, health and pharmaceutics. We do have flexibility to expand in other subjects, customizing our services to fulfill customer needs. Project analysis is made to identify what should or can be translated.

Software testing services are provided in the following main areas: localization, localizability, globalization or internationalization. We make sure your localized software is functional, bug-free and compatible with country standards. Testing analysis and planning are part of our core services, ensuring all possible scenarios are stressed.

Localized software engineering services are provided in the following main areas: build, update and bug fixing. We have professionals specialized on Windows, Netware, Mac, Linux and Unix platforms. In depth automation knowledge allow us to create, modify and run scripts ensuring less repetitive tasks, faster turnaround and error-free outputs. We use methodologies for problem ("bug") solving which are privilege of long time experience in business.
Reviews can be performed with language and/or technical focus. We ensure linguistic quality, content correctness and compliance to customer's or known field terminology. Our experts perform quality assurance checks to guarantee your content reliability within its audience.

Management services are focused on project and staff coordination ensuring customer goals will be met within expected quality, timeframe and budget. Professionals can go onsite or stay offsite managing virtual teams according to demand.

The desktop publishing (DTP) services focus on placement of localized content in graphical files following the template layout. We can do screen capture from software or screen make-up to be used on online/printed documentation or advertisement.